Dottie's Story

Blessings !


Welcome to the home and farm of Dottie and Milton Cross, established in 1974!

We are located in Johnsonville, NY, which is less than 15 minutes from Bennington, VT, 35 minutes from Albany, NY, one hour from Saratoga Springs and the infamous Saratoga Race Track. We live in a very rural area, and our little "farm" consists of approx. 7 1/2 acres, mostly woods.

The question most asked of me is, "How did you get into goats?" Well - it's really quite simple:

I was fairly new to the area, and looking for a good haircut. A hairdresser named Nancy was recommended to me - at her place I saw my first Nubian kid! I'm an avid animal lover, and at the time our family was going through 2 gals of milk per day. Nancy gave me a glass of that delicious Nubian milk - it tasted wonderful. I went home thinking how much fun it would be to own a couple of goats! Mind you, I had never even touched a goat in my life! Milton, an ex-dairyman, made it most clear to me that they would be MY goats -- as he had done the twice a day milking routine for years, and was not interested in returning to that! Before I knew it, that cute little Nubian kid was mine! Add another goat to keep her company, and then a 3rd goat of unknown origin was given to me. I was so uninformed back then! But the "Goat Bug" had hit, and I had an insatiable appetite to learn all I could about goats.

The day came to breed them, and soon we were 2 weeks away from having our first kids born. Then disaster struck. While I was away playing a Holy Thursday Service (I'm an organist/choir director) a friend's pair of dogs killed my Nubian kid, and mortally wounded the other two goats. My new herd of "loves" was totally wiped out.
Although I could not understand why God had allowed my goats to be killed - "Why me, Lord"? I did know that I wanted to continue with goats, so with the compensation monies awarded to me, I eventually went "shopping" for another Nubian kid. This time, however, with a year of experience, I could make a much wiser decision, and I purchased a beautiful black/white spotted kid, granddaughter of a National Champion! Thus the beginning of Capri-Dot's Nubians!

I now know that I would not have the quality herd today, had that awful night not happened. This will be my 38th year of breeding! I might add that my teenagers were about to leave the "nest" when I got into goats. I think I may be a "Mother Theresa" and need to nurture - and goats filled that bill!!!! They still do! For 19 years I maintained my herd of goats while holding down a full-time job taking 50 hrs out of every week, away from the farm, and also being an organist/choir director, and running a silk floral business in my home, specializing in weddings! I retired from my admin. school secretary position (a 12 month position with none of the teacher/student vacations!!!) nearly 17 years ago, took on 4 part-time jobs so I could continue to afford this hobby of mine, and thoroughly enjoy having much more "home time" to enjoy the goats.

With my "burn-out" of the floral business, I ventured into goat milk soap making, and before you knew it - Capri-Suds Goat Milk Soap was born! This has been the most satisfying business - and the friends I have gained through it have been incredible! I thank every one of my customers for their business!



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