My "Babies"

Below is a photo of our Great-Grandson Calvin,
holding "Sundae's Sir Prize". (2014)

Photo shows buckling at 3 days old, and Calvin was 9 years old!


Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats

But is now:


Up-Date - on "Sir Prize"

Four weeks old today - 5-15-14

Sir Prize

"Sir Prize" has proven to be a very well adjusted little guy, and a wee bit spoiled!!!!!!"

A super disposition, and very pleasant to work with!   (As is his mom, "Sundae"!)



Bran' Spankin' New!

DOB:   4/17/14   around 4:30 PM -

Totally unannounced and not expected quite yet!

"Sundae's Sir Prize"

Sir Prize A

Photo #l - Welcome to the world, little one!


Sir Prize B

Photo #2 - Here is the little guy at 16 hours old.


Photos below are 2013 or before:


A few photo updates -

September, 2013


September 2013
G I Joe and Girls September 2013 Triplets


Above photo on left - G I Joe and The Girls

Above photo on right - Triplets

"Nearly 1 month old and see how they've grown!"

(June 2013)

Goat Kids 4


More Up-dated photos of babies born 5-8-13, (Triplets)

and also 5-5-13 ("Sunny" Delite)

Please click on thumbnails below, for larger views:

Triplets Sucking Bucket Sunny and Doeling Doeling Smelling Flowers Sunny Delite

Photo #l - Two days old, using the mini suck-it bucket -
Hand-raising kids can be soooooo easy....
the secret: starting them on the mini-suck-it-bucket by day 2!
(Using same nipple that was on their bottle!)

Photo #2 - "Sunny" and the doeling triplet - (Photo taken 5-15-13)

Photo #3 - Triplet doeling "Smelling the flowers". (Seven days old.)

Photo #4 - "Sunny" Delite - Ten days old - and a beauty!

Below is a photo of "the buckling",
only buckling of the 3 triplets:

The Buckling




Born 5-8-13

Dam:  Capri-Dot's Cherished "Sundae"

Sire: "Flash" (His short name)

(Please click on thumbnails below, for larger views)

2013 Triplets 2013 Sundaes Triplets 2013 Sundae triplets


Photo Descriptions

1. Shows the variety of colors on these kids! About 2 hrs old!

2.Brand-spankin’ new - still damp and before their first drink of colostrum. Buckling on the right (smallest) and doelings left and center. Center is the largest of the babies.

3. A Couple of hours old and before going into the large dog crate!  Strong and vigorous kids!




Below -

Born May 5th, 2013

Capri-Dot's J. "Sunny" Delite

It's a girl!

Baby Rattle Pink

Brand new! Just minutes old, this photo was taken early this AM, May 5th, 2013 -

Trying to stand up - she MADE it!

2013 Baby Doeling


Dam:  Capri-Dot's "Delite"-of-Song
Sire: Capri-Dot's Jacob-of-Patience

Please click on thumbnails below, for larger views:

Goat and Rusty Dog Goat Doeling One Day Old

Above photos show the one day old doeling (born 5-5-13), with "Rusty", the Papillon, "Cross Farm" dog.

Rusty is a great "baby watcher", and they are becoming great friends!


The "Girls"

The Girls
The girls

Left to right:  Cherish.....Ebony......Delite.......Sundae (hours before she kidded)


*B Capri-Dot's Cherished Infinity

"Finn" for short

(Please click on thumbnails below for larger views:

Finn Daddy Finn Daddy close up



Our Sr. Herd-sire,
Capri-Dot's Jacob-of-Patience


Photo below taken May 2013


The entries below, are from previous years:

2011 - - - 2011 - - - 2011

3*M Capri-Dot's Cherish of Carolee

Capri-Dot's Jacob-of-Patience

Photos below, are from a previous year. (2010)

2010 - - - 2010 - - - 2010

Please scroll down to next photo:

Update: Oct. 2010 Photo:

*B Capri-Dot's Cherished Infinity.    

"Finn" for short!  

He has been retained in the herd for future siring.

(Information below this line is from previous a year,
although it includes updated photos of Jacob)

Our Sr. Herd-sire,
Capri-Dot's Jacob-of-Patience
Born 4/18/2006

And now ------ more recent - Jacob in October, 2010:

Jacob  Eating

Jacob is 4 1/2 yrs old and weighs 250 lbs.  
He is a very sweet dispositioned buck.

Jacob of Patience

(About 4 1/2 years old in this photo)

(Ain't he a handsome guy?

No WONDER all the "gals" love him!)


We also have other animals on the farm,
including our 2 dogs, Copper and Rusty

Sadly, Copper passed away in Sept., 2011

Copper Dog

He is VERY missed.


Our Papillon Rusty -- (THEN)

And Rusty - (NOW) June 2, 2014

2014 Rusty



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